Annual Report 

Illustration & Editorial 

Adopt4Life–Ontario is an Association for kin, customary care, adoptive parents and caregiversacross Ontario. The organization’s mission is to create partnerships with local agencies to shareknowledge and link and support families with the best possible resources and services.

As the organization continues to grow, the role of the annual report becomes an important vehicle for highlighting Adopt4life’s mission, impact and show appreciation for its volunteers and supporters. The annual report is a vital communication tool and a platform for reflecting the organization’sbrand values and help reach a broad audience of future donors, agencies, and families.

My solution to this challenge was formatting the layout and designing illustrations for the annual report to reinforce the organization focus on reliability, transparency and connectivity. This was accomplished through the use of distinctive colours and playful vector illustrations.

My Role I  Illustration, Layout 

Timeline I 3 months 

Tools I Illustrator, Indesign

Mockups Design