UI/ UX Design

For those who enjoy reading, finding books that match your specific genre preferences can be difficult and you can often spend a long time searching for the right book to read. Bookhive is a mobile app designed to help users find new books, catalog them and connect them with other social readers. With this project, I wanted to create an app that could bring joy to readers and create a community amongst social readers. 

My Role I UI/ UX design, Research, Prototyping

Timeline I 3 months 
Tools I Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign



The challenge 

There are many apps out there that catalogue books for users but few do it successfully and poor UI design often make the process is slow and time consuming. Moreover, few apps include community sections where users can connect to a community of readers with similar preferences and share their individual reading experience with others. There is a clear opportunity for social readers to connect within a digital application and share books and connect with others which this app is focused on. 

Completing a competitive analysis of similar apps avaliable on the google play store such as Goodreads and Bookship revealed that many book cataloging apps are poorly designed. They often lack of hierarchy and clarity in ther UI design that makes it difficult to understand what content the user is actually looking at. Excessive buttons and links are overwhelming and as a result makes the experience of finding a new book time consuming

Information Architecture

A system map to represent the hierarchical structure and how the user would navigate the main pages of the app was created. The goal was to reduce the amount of interactions required for users to find books and catalogue them to their own personalized lists.


High Fidelity Wireframes